January 10, 2013

Bill Prokopchuk Plays Fiddle Souvenirs Ukrainian Style

Artist: Bill Prokopchuk
Album: Bill Prokopchuk Plays Fiddle Souvenirs Ukrainian Style
Format: LP 
Catalog Number: GSLP 1014
Label: Galaxy Records, Canada
Source: my own record

Side A

1. My Souvenir
2. Festival Jig
3. My Favorite
4. Strictly Prokopchuk
5. Different Fiddle
6. Foolin Around

Side B

7. Chobun
8. Karabun
9. Festival Rose
10. Pohroby Hodyla
11. Under Russian Skies, With Change Over To Festival March

23:45, 320 kbps, 58.2 MB: http://www.mediafire.com/?ptny43ad0n664mh


  1. Чудовий блог!
    Успіхів і натхнення.
    Чекаємо на продовження :)

  2. Dude, you are doing an incredible public service!!!!

  3. Bill Lived behind my Grandparent's house in Springside, SA and I used to listen to him play

  4. Lyle Prokopchuk from the Kamsack area here ..... I WOULD love to add anyone of these Bill Prokopchuk records to my collection ... Anyone know where I could get some vinyl of these ?

  5. From time to time the records appear on ebay and other less popular sites like musicstack.com.