February 17, 2013

Jim Gregrash - Ukrainian Wedding Dance Music

Artist: Jim Gregrash
Album: Ukrainian Wedding Dance Music
Format: LP
Catalog Number: KLP 6007
Label: K Records, Canada
Source: my own record

Side A

1. Wedding March
2. Wedding Polka
3. Bride's Presentation Melody 1
4. Bride's Presentation Melody 2
5. Bride And Groom Good Luck Presentation
6. Bridal Melody

Side B

7. Mother's Song To The Bride
8. Grand Parent's Song To Bride And Groom
9. Bride Maidens Song To The Bride And Groom
10. Anniversary Waltz To Bride And Groom
11. Wedding Folk Dance Part 1
12. Wedding Folk Dance Part 2

27:36, 320 kbps, 68.3 MB: http://www.mediafire.com/?d1ghuf7857tj6zf

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